In the heart of King’s North Sealand


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In the heart of King's North Sealand

We live in the middle of the green North Zealand – 35 minutes from Copenhagen. Hillerød leads you from the baroque history of the time to modern day activities. We are surrounded by magnificent forests, royal Castles with proud hunting traditions, and our city lures with shopping, lakes and challenging sports routes.

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It happens in Hillerod

Total guide to culture, music, theater and exhibitions.

Can be an inspiration and a help for you who want a culturally rich experience in the beautiful North Zealand.

See, among other things

  • Music
  • Theater
  • Exhibition
  • Lecture
  • Sport
  • Nature


FrederiksborgCentret, our neighbour, is an exciting multi-house that contains a bit of everything and more.

They host exhibitions, fairs, conferences, theater, opera and concerts

Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Castle is a masterpiece in Danish Renaissance architecture built in the early 16th century by Christian 4. and is definitely worth a visit.

Opposite the castle lies the Baroque garden, which was originally built by Frederik IV in the 1720s and recreated in 1996. The garden consists of a romantic landscape garden and among other things.

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